DeffZone chooses BSC

  • The reason DeffZone focuses on developing on Binance Smart Chain is BSC probably is the leading network with a solid infrastructure for Dapp developers when it has integrated a lot of supporting features such as: AMM Dex, Lending, Launchpad, Yield Aggregator, and most recently NFT.
  • Currently, the BSC ecosystem has more than 900 Defi applications and is the most successful with the Dex PancakeSwap project of more than 6 billion USD TVL. Along with that, most recently, BSC also set a proud new achievement when becoming the first blockchain to set a record of 14.7 million daily transactions higher than the number of Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain transactions combined.
  • Another point worth noting is that because Binance is behind the success of the current BSC, the development projects on BSC are always supported with maximum support when Binance has officially launched a 1 billion USD accelerator fund for various fields. The main areas of expertise are: Talent Development, Liquidity Incentive Program, Project Designer Program, and Development Incubation and Investment Program.