DeffZone with the desire to create basic and simple values ​​but still suitable for the majority of traders, shares the economics of DEFF tokens on the Binance Smart Chain platform around the world.
  • In terms of Society: The cryptocurrency market is becoming a major turning point in the global economic model. Any change will affect all aspects of social life, hence, in order to create a truly new economic revolution, we hope to create many new jobs in line with the trend. Support start-up projects and form a sustainable connection network that looks towards serving users with a perfect and decentralized experience.
  • In terms of people: We incubate and create all conditions to satisfy needs and expectations in new fields in order to promote creativity, high adaptability, and reliability.
  • In terms of partnerships: Create sustainable values ​​for partners to ensure fair revenue sharing through a diverse ecosystem. Not only meeting the trend of the times but also satisfying the needs of users.