DeffZone is a combination of continuous improvements in the process of working to lead a new path of discovery in the Defi space. A series of economic mechanisms were established to align the interests of the organization with the interests of its members. Members are bound together by a common goal, and the network's rewards are tied to consensus rules. These governing rules are completely transparent and expressed in open source code, for all of these is to aim at a fully decentralized autonomous organization.
The main driving force of DeffZone comes from the spread and application of Defi becoming more and more obvious and changing most of the traditional ways of operating in the direction of centralization. However, there are also limitations that are gradually revealed. Finding solutions to overcome limitations is a top priority in the new development of DeffZone. We believe that thinking about the butterfly effect, with a narrow and risky path but promising great results ahead will be the driving force behind projects from all over the globe together "flap their wings" and create a tornado that engulfed the market, transforms, and explodes like never before.
DeffZone understands that it is difficult to achieve unique, game-changing achievements alone. Therefore, we are ready to remove the old results, change to build on the main network of trusted developers, try to create more practical value for the community, and support the other projects in order to aim towards a greater common goal.