What is DeffZone?

DeffZone is a combination of continuous improvements in working to lead a new path of discovery in the Defi space. A series of economic mechanisms were established to align the interests of the organization with the interests of its members. A common goal binds members together, and the network's rewards are tied to consensus rules. These governing rules are entirely transparent and expressed in open source code, for all of these is to aim at a fully decentralized autonomous organization.

What does the DeffZone Ecosystem include?

  • Staking: DEFF token mining platform on Binance Smart Chain applied with Proof of Stake algorithm.
  • Farming: A platform that allows participants to stake on regulated currency pairs and receive DEFF tokens.
  • Swap: A platform that allows the swapping of different tokens.
  • Wallet: Digital asset management and storage platform.
  • Launchpad: The platform that provides essential resources for new projects.
  • NFT Marketplace: A place to trade and auction NFTs.
  • DeffZone Mobile App: Update the most accurate market information compiled from reliable sources, the activities of ongoing projects, or some projects that are about to be launched. A special feature to support projects on the market or the Airdrop programs deployed by DeffZone in order to promote projects to the public quickly with a large available community.

What are the core values ​​of Deffzone?

DeffZone always aims at 3 core values:
  • Democracy: A method developed in order to aggregate collective decisions in which all members have equal rights to participate in decisions.
  • Community: An ecosystem that looks towards enhancing community experience and mutual benefit. At the same time, it creates a network of complementary and complete affiliate projects.
  • Collaboration: We focus on expanding the spirit of cooperation not only internally but also externally with other individuals and investment funds in the blockchain environment.

What is the advantage of DeffZone?

  • Experience in the field of Blockchain: The DeffZone team has built a successful Defi ecosystem on the Tron network, so they are totally experienced to find the limitations of a project and have the perfect adaptability when developing the project. new on BSC. DeffZone is an improvement from the process of working continuously to bring a new experience that is suitable for the times and focuses on the interests of all participants.
  • Technology: DeffZone applies a new Defi technology trend called Defi 2.0 that can overcome the old Defi limitation. Defi 2.0 will increase profits significantly more with farm pool with APY up to tens of thousands or huge Airdrops to attract new users and create a source of liquidity for the market. Moreover, increasing decentralization is also promoted by operating as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations) where anyone can vote for the common development. One more point for notice is when Defi 2.0 can reach higher capital efficiency, this is also noted by DeffZone when building the overall mechanism for the project.
  • Close relationship with major partners: The established relationships will help DefZone have more facets and creativity in this completely new operating model. Shorten the distance between the developer and the investor community, and increase the reliability of the project. One of the partners whom DefZone is aiming at is Binance through its partner program.

What is Deff Token used for?

DEFF is the governance token of the DeffZone ecosystem. The main features of the DEFF token are:
  • Rewards: There will be many reward pools for activities like staking, farming…
  • Operation: Payment of transaction fees.
  • Launchpad: DEFF holders have the right to participate in future projects developed by DeffZone.
  • Deff token is used as a fee to use the applications in the Deffzone mobile app.

How to earn money from DeffZone?

You can fully profit from participating in staking, farming, or owning Deff tokens to participate in IDO programs to increase profits.
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