DeffZone Wallet is a digital asset management platform including NFT, supporting tokens on different chains, and decentralized applications. DeffZone Wallet will be available on phones (iOS and Android) and Chrome browsers.

Salient features

The DeffZone Wallet is suitable for storing and trading digital assets designed to work seamlessly on Defi platforms.
Some of the salient features include:
  • Decentralized: Create or import wallets through mnemonic phrases, private keys…
  • Security: Integrated with a secure password, fingerprint or pattern lock.
  • Ease of use: User-friendly interface, intuitive for all audiences to use.
  • Trade & Swap: Swap any crypto instantly.
  • Dapp Access: Access and store your favorite Dapps.
  • Asset management: Monitor market volatility and display total assets of tokens, connecting to a real-time data source.