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Staking concept

Staking is the process of locking up users' assets for specific purposes. Currently, DeffZone is supporting users staking to receive additional interest as a DEFF token. We manage a resource that consists of a private key and a public key derived from the private key or a key pair for short. In staking, DeffZone uses many different types of keys to security risks for users:
  • Account Keys: Their purpose is money management.
  • Stash Account Lock: A Stash account is a cold wallet whose private key is stored securely and completely offline on a hardware device. This is where large amounts of funds can be safely stored.
  • Driver Account Lock: A controller account is a hot and cold hybrid wallet whose private key is stored in an internet-connected device. These keys are used to interact with the network. During staking, the signaling controller's key is not spent on behalf of the Stash key.

Non-custodial and proactive staking service

DeffZone supports custodial staking and can cancel staking at any time. DEFF reward will be calculated at the time of staking cancellation. The DeffZone administration will likely allow voting to determine the staking cost structure.


The total DEFF reward for staking is 180,000,000
The formula for calculating DEFF when participating in staking is as follows:
  • DEFF received = Number of staking days x (Number of DEFF staking/Total current staking pool) x (2% x 180,000,000/30)
  • Staking days: The number of days participating in staking from the start to the cancellation.
  • Amount of DEFF staking: The amount of DEFF put into the staking pool.
  • Total current staking pool: Total amount of DEFF in the staking pool at the time of staking cancellation.
  • 2%: DEFF is disbursed monthly from the staking pool.
  • 30: Number of days in a month.