Farming concept

Yield Farming is understood to increase profits through providing liquidity for Defi protocols. Liquidity providers will provide liquidity to the protocol's liquidity pools. Liquidity pool is understood as a smart contract containing money, these pools allow users to borrow, lend or exchange among tokens.
The revenue incurred by Liquidity Pool is the transaction fee when users perform activities in the pool, this revenue will be divided back to the liquidity providers according to the ratio they have provided to the pool.

How DeffZone Farming works

DeffZone Swap is a decentralized exchange (DEX). We take the strengths of the platform and complement them to enhance the farming experience. After providing liquidity to a pool on the DeffZone Swap and receiving LP tokens, you can stake them to earn more DEFF tokens.
That DEFF token can be converted into more LP tokens for compounding and more profit. If you only keep coins in the wallet, basically they can not be optimal for-profits, using our platform means that smart contracts will calculate the optimal rate and allow you to share the transaction fees from the DEFF allocation.

Supported farm pairs

The total reward for staking activity is 180,000,000
Once the platform is up and running, we will support the pairs at the bottom with different profit levels. This is just the beginning, we will be adding more pairs to projects in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem as we grow larger.
We will also have 2 stablecoin farm pairs as follows: