Deffzone Mobile App


The Deffzone mobile app is the Center of the Deffzone ecosystem. Its aim is to create a comprehensive information channel in the crypto market for the entire investment community as well as developers. The Deffzone mobile app works based on the following items:


Support you in the process of building a community on social media platforms to approach users in the best way via the following methods:
  • Increase the number of high-quality members for the community through tasks
  • Increase followers for channels.


Act as an intermediary between developers and the global community that:
  • Supports the implementation of smart Airdrop programs that generates traffic without being exaggerated.
  • Allows partners to promote the brand.
  • Helps users access the most prestigious and high-quality Airdrop programs, eliminate ambiguity Airdrop programs

News - events

Create core values for the community.
  • A portal that provides users with the latest insights into the crypto market.
  • Announce crucial news of individual ventures.
  • Inform users of the token's live time as soon as they are listed on Coinmarketcap.
  • Keep track of projects' events
  • Intermediary connection in presale allocation between ventures and developers.

Press release

Make it easier for millions of customers to access your products by:
  • Allowing partners to publish press releases about their products to reach the entire community.
  • An intermediary connecting unit to media units not only in the field of crypto but also diverse in all other fields.

Box sale app

  • Loot boxes are available in all games.

Presale NFT for all

  • Acts as an NFT marketplace for all games and creates project names for separate folders instead of separate products.

Review traffic all projects.

  • Check the actual amount of user interaction with the project.

Check contract


Funding communication