The audit is the job of checking the security holes of a cryptocurrency project, checking the code in the project's product, to ensure that the product when launched will avoid the risks of hacking, code errors, loss of assets of investors, etc.
Before the project is audited, the organizational units conduct an audit with many strict criteria: check the project code, check for vulnerabilities in smart contract security, etc. And it is usually performed by many parties. Audit results will be recorded on Blockchain and reports will be sent to the development team.

Audit in DeffZone

DeffZone always puts the safety and security of the project first, which will make the project more reliable and sustainable. There are very few projects in the market that cooperate with many accounting units due to cost wasting and time consuming, but DeffZone still chooses to implement to increase investor and partner's confidence in the project.
Some of the audit units DeffZone chooses:
  • Certik: Certik is the leading organization in the field of blockchain audits backed by Binance. CertiK uses tagging techniques to detect potential errors and then applies strategies to validate the expected behavior of the smart contract in question. Once labeled, the CertiK platform integrates the labeled components of smart contracts and embedded compilers that recognize the labeling language and use automated tools for functional validation. Certik is also a partner of a number of large organizations such as Huobi, Okex, Bitman.
  • Openzeppelin: A blockchain audit organization founded as early as 2015, using a suite of software for decentralized finance (Defi) projects to combat fast loan attacks and other forms of fraud. other mining. Some of Openzeppelin's customers include Cosmos, Compound, etc.